Links to Learning Material

Reading for every junior developer


  • Same Stats, Different Graphs by Justin Matejka & George Fitzmaurice—on looking at distributions, why we need to plot the data & never trust statistics tables

Refactoring & Code Design

Git skills




Continuous Delivery / Operations / Devops

Interesting Postmortems & War Stories

Collaboration and Leadership

Engineering Books


Technical Resources

  • ripgrep is around ten times faster than grep, and supports multi threaded processing
  • Measure your network speed with
  • Measure your performance with WebPageTest
  • Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way: asciinema
  • Static analysis for your shell scripts: ShellCheck
  • Internet Archive Wayback Machine, for those pages that don’t exist in the present any more
  • HTTP Archive tracks trends in how the web is built
  • Sankeymatic generates Sankey Diagrams from code