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5 February 2017

I have 2268 bookmarks (which is scary as I swear I used to have >5k) which I use to augment my brain as a personal searchable catalogue of information I’ve found useful and yet I regularly go digging through my ‘Sent Items’ to find links I’ve recommended in the past, to send to engineers after mentoring sessions. I also have a heap of stuff in my Twitter likes amongst all the cat pictures and memes, much of which I have forgotten is useful.

I thought it was high time I put together somewhere central I could send people to find stuff and somewhere I could go to remember what I’d forgotten so I’ve put together a links page (didn’t those die in the nineties?) titled Links to Useful Learning for Engineers. I’m sure it could have a better title, and I am sure it will be a work in progress but at least it’s started. Maybe one day this will evolve a little more into some kind of Bliki but for now I’m pleased that there is a little more order in my world.

I’ve also made sure that where possible all the content is included in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine which itself is a wonderful thing which I am just about to add as a link, as the sands of time shift far too quickly. I was very pleased to see that all but about three of the items were already there… good work, spiders!

If you have a recommendation of something you think I’ll like, then feel free to drop a comment below. If I like it I might include it.

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